Nothing brings operations to a halt like a faulty wire, and Wunsch Technologies has a ready-made solution to combat tangled or indistinguishable wires. Printing and heat-shrinking are no-excuses-answers to the issues presented by unlabeled wire.

With the capability to print directly on to your wire, the woes of a disorganized bundle are a thing of the past. As an alternative to direct printing, Wunsch also offers customizable heat-shrink labels. With a wide variety of colors and endless size options to choose from, there is an organizational solution to fit any need. If that’s not enough variety, Wunsch also has the ability to add enterprise-specific logos or insignia to our heat-shrink labels meaning there is no better choice for a professional and organized operation.

Do you have lots, and lots of cable? Wunsch Technologies says yes to custom orders, bulk pricing, and tailored organizational solutions.

Contact us today to learn about our bulk label printing rates and extensive custom label kits. We service businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries.

Why Choose Wunsch Technologies?

We succeed when you succeed. Wunsch Technologies is committed to world-class customer service and support and we have a driving passion for what we do. Never compromise on quality, do it right the first time, and make our customer’s production goals our own—this is the Wunsch way.

  • Wunsch Technologies is a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified company. Our certification covers the United States and Canada.

  • Wunsch Technologies has a certified IPC trainer in-house which allows us to stay up to date with industry standards and best practices focusing on A-620.

  • Wunsch Technologies has a certified fiber optic technician in-house with a strong background in fiber optics. We are also a proud member of the FOA.

  • Wunsch Technologies is also a proud member of the WHMA. Our commitment to great professional organizations helps to keep us on top of changing market conditions.