Types of Wire Looms

Wiring harness can be a bit frustrating. Utilizing your time is the best thing to do when making a wiring harness. Wire loom protects cable runs from moisture, vibration or even other natural elements. It is commonly used on vehicles since automotive wire loom will shield exposed wire runs from damage. Wire loom also keeps the wire, and the cables run in an organized manner while adding a clean look to your application.

Wire LoomManual wire loom installation can be a challenging and time-consuming. It can also be a hard task on an installer’s hands. Having more makes it difficult it to stuff the wires and bundle them through your cable loom. Wire harnesses are an outside sheath that covers the wire or cables. The sheath is commonly made of a thermoplastic which helps to protect the wires from subjection to their harsh environment. In most situations, wire harnesses usually bundle up cables and the wires that are already under protection by their external sheaths. What this means is you could open up a wire harness and then see multiple cables with their protective coverings, but they all appear to be in a single wire harness. Cable harnesses are in a way a low-cost electrical solution that helps in keeping electrical systems organized.

It is important to protect the wires with a heat shield and an extra cable protection. Slide on wire heat shields is a perfect solution for the for engine compartment wire looms. A Flat heat shield material can also be used to deflect the heat away from most areas like the inside of your automotive.

Cable harnesses provide some advantages over the loose wires and cables. In most automotive, wires could stretch for a long distance if fully extended. Binding the wires in a cable harness makes them secure against adverse effects. Also, by constructing the wires into a non-flexing bundle, space usage is in a great way optimized. This also reduces the installation time required and makes the process standardized.

In Automotives, the risk of fire is in a way eliminated by binding the wires. Wire harness can be performed on the automotive audio cables. Automotive wire loom solely provides an easy way to protect the wires and the elements from destruction. This process involves the wires being first cut to the desired length. Cutting is usually done using a particular wire-cutting machine.

The wires can also be reprinted on using a particular machine at some point in the cutting process or even on a separate device. The next step involves the ends of the wires being stripped to expose only the metal (or core) of the cables.

The cables will then be fitted with the required connector housing. The cables are then assembled and clamped together on a particular workbench or a pin board usually the called the assembly board. This is usually done based on the required design specification forming a cable harness. The cables are then fitted using any protective sleeves, medium, or an extruded yarn. The electrical functionality of cable harness is frequently done using a test board.

Circuit diagram data are regularly pre-programmed into the test board, and then the harness did either individually or even as a batch. After this, the harness can now be fitted directly in the automotive or even shipped.

The different methods in wire loom include:

Black split wire loom

This method is available in various sizes. The sizes range from An inch diameter to up to a value of 2 inches in diameter. A less diameter value wire loom can also be available in different colors. Take for example a scenario where your automotive wiring needs to be exposed to higher temperatures. It is important to use a high-temperature nylon made wire loom or even a flame resistant loom. This can be employed in the engine compartment. One important feature of the asphalt loom is that it is resistant to mostly grease, gasoline, and even oil.

Expandable wire slaving in a way expands and also contracts in the region of your wiring. It is thus important to accommodate connectors and splices despite the fact that you keep the length confined from chaffing. Radial cut cable loom allows easy breaking of individual wires while retaining the major bundle of your harness protected.

Retardant Wire looms

Another yet crucial wire loom is the flame resistant wire loom. This includes a premium grade wire covering. It is mostly used in regions of high temperatures as the engine compartment wiring. The wire loom is coated using a fire retardant material that snuffs flames due to the flare-ups usually caused by catastrophic failures such as short circuits. It has a temperature range of range -40C to about 125C. The flame resistant wire loom is made from a durable nylon. It is also corrugated so as to provide an optimum flexibility and strength. What flame retardant wire room does is protect wires from abrasion and other damages that can be caused by exposure of the wires. An important feature of this wire loom is the full-length slit. This slit allows for an easy insertion of the wires and the cables so that they remain closed after their installation.

Colored wire loom

Colored wire loom provides protection to the electrical wires and gives them a custom look. The addition of a corrugated outer wall gives the wire loom some greater resistance to crushing and also functions to offer a higher degree of flexibility and strength. Though the full-length slit remains closed during use, it is very easy to insert new wires into the loom. Colored wire loom is in a great way applied in the automotive industry since cable medium protection is crucial. Colored wire loom comes in different colors including blue, red, yellow and white. This wire loom is constructed from a polypropylene material. It appears in a size range of 1/4 inch to 1 inch in diameter.

Asphalt-coated loom

Asphalt-coated loom is used in the engine compartment or other exterior locations. It features high strength and a superior wire protection for the harsh environments. This includes protection from temperature and the chemical environment around the engine compartment. It comes in different sizes including the 3/16 inch, 1/4 inch and the 3/8 inch asphalt loom.

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